A Family Office provides administrative, logistical and advisory support to families requiring assistance with their financial and business affairs.

Many Family Offices start small, usually in order to address a pressing wealth management need, and over time they can grow to accommodate other services the family requires to manage its affairs efficiently. The office with its administrative team can either be dedicated to the affairs of one family or a wide range of duties and responsibilities can be outsourced to specialist providers such as IPG.

IPG provides a comprehensive range of family office services, which include:

  • aligning families’ interests and concerns to solutions
  • providing general administrative and logistical support
  • consolidating investment, financial and business reports
  • accounting, payroll and treasury services
  • succession and estate planning advice
  • educating junior family members on family office essentials
  • trust planning and structuring advice; residency planning
  • comprehensive Private Trust Company and holding structures services
  • acting as independent directors and protectors
  • considering and implementing restructuring
  • coordinating and collating tax and legal advice; payment of tax returns
  • preparing family office board reports and minutes
  • advising, drafting and preparing family mission statements and governance regulations
  • managing document and data, including safe keeping of family records and documents
  • filing financial and statutory returns and preparing annual financial statements
  • utilising IPG’s premier software solution for business administration
  • consolidating family insurance and travel administration services
  • executorship services for Bahamian wills and testaments