IPG is one of only a very few regulated companies providing Protectors to trusts and foundations.

A Protector can be an individual, a corporate entity or a committee and this exacting role is supporting by IPG’s professional staff and years of experience. In its role as Protector, IPG carries out a variety of tasks and duties which are chosen by the settlor or his family and which can be adjusted over time to suit circumstance and need.

IPG’s services include:

  • Providing consent or otherwise to actions proposed by trustees
  • Reviewing financial statements and other documents as submitted by trustees
  • Performing periodic reviews of trust activities
  • Reporting to settlors and beneficiaries and attending trustee meetings
  • Becoming successor protectors to existing trust structures, e.g.
    – conflict of interest situations
    – need is triggered by a defined event
  • Advising other Protectors on the execution of their duties
  • Acting as an authorised applicant or as an enforcer to purpose trusts
  • Acting as consultant on structures with an incumbent protector