The building blocks for an enduring wealth management structure.

Companies and partnerships are used as holding or owning vehicles for asset management, asset protection and certain special purpose financial structures. They are sometimes used on their own (directly owned by individuals) but more commonly are combined with other vehicles to form a financial structure. A simple, frequently used example is a discretionary trust holding one or more companies, each for a specific purpose. Each company might hold a particular asset or asset class – perhaps the family home or business, an investment property or portfolio, or even an art collection. Separation of assets often provides more effective protection as well as greater flexibility.

The choice of corporate vehicles available is surprisingly wide, with many jurisdictions introducing new types of international business company to serve targeted needs and specific tax residencies. We can help, providing advice on the suitability, infrastructure and stability of provider-jurisdictions as well as the choice of the vehicles available. With our wide knowledge of the various jurisdictions and the specifics of their company and partnership laws, we will work with you to find the optimum solution for your particular requirements.

Our comprehensive corporate and partnership services cover the establishment, administration and management of companies and partnerships in all the major jurisdictions, for integration into a wide variety of asset management, asset protection and tax planning structures.