You have earned it – now take the freedom to enjoy it.

The main benefits of wealth and prosperity should be the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy them, but wealth brings complication and the burden of responsibility. The greater the wealth, the greater the restrictions, rules and taxation that seem to restrict its enjoyment. Family Offices maximise the benefits that wealth can bring, by protecting it, managing the fine details of its administration and allowing it to do what it was always supposed to do – to be enjoyed by the individuals who own it.

International private client expertise is one of our key strengths, removing the burdens, managing the details and bringing freedom and peace of mind. From ultimate trusteeship to day-to-day concierge services, from wealth structuring to paying the gardener, we can shoulder the workload and free you to enjoy your prosperity.



We will need to get to know you, your family, your businesses and your individual aims, goals and requirements. You will need to get to know and trust us, and ensure that we fully understand your needs. We can then provide you with a solution uniquely suited to you.

Whether through conventional trust structures, family or charitable foundations, structured partnerships, cell companies or private family funds, we will work with your other trusted advisors to remove the daily administrative burdens and let you fly.