Kevin is Director of IPG Switzerland GmbH, the Zurich-based international services arm of the IPG Group.

A colleague of Andrew Law’s at Credit Suisse for many years, Kevin is the founder of Clerey Associates, a Swiss-based international trust business consultancy. With over 40 years’ experience in the fiduciary services industry, many of which he spent as Head of Global Trust Management at Credit Suisse, Kevin today supports financial and fiduciary institutions in the development of their trust business platforms and identifies where they can reduce their exposure in a world where radical and sudden change is generating considerable new risks.

Kevin’s main clients are Swiss banking institutions with trust business subsidiaries and also similarly placed firms in The Channel Islands and The Bahamas. Over the last few years, internationally active fiduciary firms have had to reassess completely their services and product platforms and Kevin regularly provides the insight and guidance such firms are seeking in their quest to overhaul their platforms and to mitigate risk.