Trusts are the cornerstones of many the world’s most effective estate and tax planning structures.

Tried and tested for many centuries and having their roots in ancient English law, trusts are now used by many internationally active families – even those of relatively modest means. In a sense, trusts are unique in that they are not legal entities and yet they exist and enjoy the respect and recognition of many the world’s courts well beyond the lifetime of the original settlor. The practical uses and objectives are very wide ranging, but the most common include:

  • preserving family assets for future generations;
  • planning for a family’s own inheritance needs and preferences;
  • optimising available tax planning opportunities;
  • cross-border investment and asset growth;
  • safe-keeping and managing assets in a safer haven;
  • securing a level of privacy for a family’s personal affairs and finances.

IPG Switzerland provides a comprehensive range of trust and trustee services, which include:

  • advising families on trusts and the choice of jurisdiction
  • collaborating with and utilising top grade professional firms worldwide
  • establishing and maintaining trusts
  • acting as trustee and providing a comprehensive range of administrative services
  • incorporating and managing underlying companies in The Bahamas, BVI, Panama and The Isle of Man
  • providing registered office and registered agent facilities
  • providing full board of directors, company secretary and nominee shareholders
  • full accounting services and preparation of annual financial statements
  • consolidating investment, financial and business reports
  • filing financial, tax and statutory returns
  • providing succession and estate planning advice