The Bahamas Foundation is a popular vehicle today by virtue of the Foundations Act 2004.

The Bahamas pioneered the use of Foundations, being the first common law country to introduce them specifically for the cross-border asset holding market. Individuals who own assets outside their home country would be well advised to consider the features and benefits of holding these assets in a Bahamian foundation structure.

Some key attractions can be summarised as follows:

  • A limited liability entity registered in The Bahamas
  • Particularly popular in Latin America and continental Europe
  • Tax exempt with no Bahamian financial reporting requirements
  • May continue indefinitely with no perpetuity period
  • Suitable for private, commercial and charitable purposes
  • Useful in Private Trust Company structures

Foundations are playing an increasingly prominent role in international estate planning and IPG’s services include:

  • Establishing and maintaining foundations in The Bahamas
  • Provision of the foundation council members and officers
  • Provision of registered office and foundation secretary
  • Full accounting services and preparation of annual financial statements