The scope of opportunities in the field of international trust business is impressive, but to many it can also be quite a challenge – not knowing which way to turn or from where to get reliable and impartial advice.

Collectively over many decades IPG’s staff have become well versed in many aspects of trust business globally and increasingly many private clients and professionals alike are turning to us for guidance on a number of wide-ranging issues.

IPG to meet this need provides a comprehensive range of trust consultancy services which include:

  • Advising intermediaries and prospective settlors on their choice of jurisdiction
  • Consulting on the appropriate management and maintenance of trusts, foundations, private trust companies and underlying companies
  • Optimising existing international estate planning and private trust company structures
  • Advising how to mitigate risk and to reduce costs
  • Advising settlors how to protect their interests and to build in flexibility to their advantage